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Riding to the Cejas Lagoon in the Atacama Salar


8 hours


We leave the ranch and cross the “Ayllu of Sequitor” (small oasis and agricultural part of San Pedro) to finally reach the Salar of Atacama, situated south of San Pedro. The Salar of Atacama is the biggest one of Chile and is stretched on an area of more than 3 000 km2. Subterranean lakes are hidden under the Salar and a deep stratum of white salt, looking like snow. This salt stratum opens itself in various areas, to show us some small lagoons, which are the favorite living place of several aquatic birds, like flamingos, ducks and Andean gulls. The salt of the Salar comes from the dissolution of the salt present in the soil and carried here by rainwater, thaw and rivers. Then, the water evaporates and the accumulation of this salt will constitute the Salar.

We finally reach one of these lagoons, called “Lagunas Cejas” and located at about 30 km from San  Pedro, at an altitude of 2 300m. The Cejas Lagoons have an intensive turquoise blue color and salt crystallized banks. After having crossed sand areas and completely desert landscapes, the turquoise lagoons appear us at last moment like a real mirage. We will have a small break near the lagoons to have a small snack and if you want to, you will have a bath in the lagoons, depending on the season. The water has a 40% salt concentration, what is more than the Dead Sea and enables you to float literally and have a moment of great relaxation.

After having relaxed a while next to the lagoons, we will ride calmly back to the ranch.


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